Publicising through social media.

Wrap Magazine 

Social networking connections:

Twitter, Facebook, Website, Pinterest, Tumblr

Links to all their social media through the website;


Twitter – 4065 followers

Facebook – 3749 likes

Pinterest – 230 followers

From this, I can see that wrap magazines most beneficial networking site is twitter.

Wrap Magazine is an illustration magazine founded in 2010 by 2 independent designers. We can tell how successful their use of social media has been by the vast amount of attention in less than 3 years.

Nobrow Press

Social Networking connections:

Facebook, Twitter

Links to all their social media through the website;


Twitter – 14,305 followers

Facebook – 11,329 likes

Again, Twitter comes out top in successful social media.

Nobrow Press is a publishing company which works with illustrators from around the world to create books and prints. Being international has probably helped considerably to how many likes and connections it has through social media. Their website is also very clearly laid out with direct links to Twitter and Facebook.

Yeji Yun 

Social Networking connections:


Link to twitter through;


Twitter – 818 followers

Yeji Yun is a small independent illustrator. Clearly, she is not as successful as the bigger companies with a lot more connections. However, she would benefit from having a Facebook page to attract more attention. She could advertise her twitter account through this and generate more followers.

Creative Review

Social Networking connections:

Twitter, Facebook, Website


Twitter – 725,072 followers

Facebook – 19,225 likes

Link to social media sites via;

Again, Twitter has come out on top for being the most successful means of social networking.

Creative Review is a magazine specialising in graphics, design, photography, illustration, type, and the media. It has over 20,000 readers which is a big reason why they’ve generated the most success over social networking sites over the other companies and designers I have looked at.


All in all, It’s important as a designer to have connections all over the internet so that when someone types in your name, you can be easily found. Your name is your brand, so it’s important how you portray yourself. Being on Facebook and twitter is a very popular way for people to see what you’re doing in the creative world, it also allows you to generate support through likes and followers. It’s also important, if you have a website, that all the other social networking sources are connected up otherwise people might never find you. Put yourself out there!


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