Keith Hancocks and Mytton Williams


Mytton Williams is a design company situated in Bath. Keith Hancocks graduated 5 years ago and since has been designing and creating for the company. Some of their projects include National Trust, Waitrose, Clarks and the Thermae Bath Spa. They have also worked with Bath Spa university on the newspaper prospectus.

5 useful things all designers should know;

1) Listen to Antony Burrel. ‘Work hard and be nice to people’

2) Do a work placement. 

3) Get involved and collaborate

4) Build good relationships. Be friendly and flexible and remember that flattery will get you everywhere.

5) There’s always more than one solution, turn of the computer, go for a walk and be inspired.

It was really interesting listening to advice from someone who’s been in a similar position to what we’re going to be in next year. His last point I found particularly inspiring, as a designer everyone gets to a point where they think they’ve reached a conclusion to their design, but there’s always other solutions. I think this is really important to remember. 

Be influenced by art, films, books, architecture and nature. There’s so much to be explored – take a sketchbook and a camera with you everywhere you go and do more.





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