Industry Insights

I recently attended a lecture on Industry Insights. 4 speakers from different companies and industries came to give advice and talk from experience.

Tim Jones – Ignition Strategic Design

I found this speaker the least beneficial, probably because he was speaking less about design and more about creating a business which doesn’t necessarily interest me but none the less was interesting to listen to. He was speaking about account management and the importance of good relationships with clients. His top tips were:

Think Commercially. 

Engage with words.

Be bothered. Be passionate. Go the extra mile.

Rich Milton – Brand in a box.

Brand in a box is a company specialising in branded packaged goods and marketing. He explained that the sandwich market in England alone for 2012 was 3.5 billion. The company uses design to help promote products to larger organisations and companies. He explained how important the appearance of a product is and how the design of something can make all the difference to it’s sales. There is so much high street competition so it’s important to be really passionate about what you’re designing and co-operate clearly with clients.

Sam Dyer – The House 

The house is a brand agency that builds businesses and helps create a brand identity. The company has worked on several well known designs such as the Mission Burrito logo and branding for Magpie and Bear. His top tips were:

It’s all about you and your work.

Call people, be personal and communicative.

Keep your portfolio short and sweet. Start and finish with your favourite projects.

Cover different disciplines.

Have a plan. Always have a plan.

Bob Abbott – Future

Future is a specialist magazine company based in Bath, London and San Francisco. There are 50 million readers, 45 magazines sold every minute, 228 videos watched every minute and 3 million apps downloaded in 2012. Safe to say this is so far a very successful design company. He explained that design is all about creative thinking and development. Design is like a garden shed. You can’t just put it up any old place without instructions or a plan. It takes time, motivation and planning. All good things take time. His top tips were:

Be self critical, there are 20 solutions to every problem and nothing has right or wrongs.

Know when you’re creative and use it to your advantage.

Design is important. Without it the world is boring.

Successful design is fit for purpose.

Afterwards there was a chance for some Q&A with the designers. These are a few more tips that came into conversation:

Get yourself out there. Be keen. Be enthusiastic. 

Pitch yourself the way you would want to see yourself.

Use design as a a career and not a hobbie.

Network all the time. Get to know people, let them get to know you.

Be direct, ask people to recommend you. 

Be confident in yourself. 

This was a useful experience and I think I learnt a lot from this about design as a career and how to go about getting there.


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