Pick me up Exhibition 2013

I recently went up to London to see the Pick me up exhibition at Somerset house. I went last year and was so inspired that I decided to return this year. It’s mainly made up of independent graphic designers and mainly illustrations and print work. It was at last years exhibition that I discovered Yeji Yun and the publication ‘A Graphic Cosmogony’. I was hoping that this year there would be even more publications and inspiration for the book i’m currently designing. Unfortunately there wasn’t as many books as I was hoping, but there was still a lot of nice prints and once again it helped in discovering some illustrators to research. I brought a print by Lesley Barnes entitled ‘Thorns’.


Since the Pick me up Exhibition i’ve done some research and discovered that Lesley Barnes is part of a collective of artists that call themselves ‘Handsome Frank’. They are an Illustration agency made up of commercial UK illustrators working on commissions for advertising, editorial, publishing, retail and music industries. Handsome Frank has produced work for companies such as the BBC, Cath Kidston, Readers Digest, Vodafone and Toyota. The website displays of over 30 independent illustrators and was a bit of a gold mine to stumble across.

I then went and found Lesley Barnes’ personal website and found out that she’s worked on a lost of artwork for festivals such as Glastonbury and Bestival. She’s also done commissions for the Time, Wrap magazine, London fashion week, the V&A and many more. I have tracked her down on twitter and tumblr and am so glad I went to Pick me up and discovered Handsome Frank and Lesley Barnes!


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