Here Gallery – Bristol

Recently, I took a trip over to Bristol especially to visit ‘Here gallery’. Many people had recommended it as a great place to browse and buy graphic design. It took a while to track down the quirky little street but when I eventually got there, it had been worth the journey. Though it was a lot smaller than I expected, there was a large variety of works and a really nice friendly buzz of fellow illustrators and designers having a look round.

I found myself reading a book called ‘In the wilds’ by Nigel Peake. The book simply illustrates rural life through over 100 original drawings. i really liked the style and simplicity of the subject and for me this book was gold. There was so much detail and passion in each image and I thought it was really inspirational so that came home with me and was added to the growing collection. Since, I have done some research into Nigel Peake himself. It’s hard to sum up what I found, because from what I can tell he has done everything and anything. His illustrations just appear to be so versatile! He’s also published more than 20 books. One of the main things I have picked up on about success in illustration recently is the importance in having and maintaining a recognisable style. Now that i’ve discovered Nigel Peake, I think I could easily recognise his work anywhere. This is really important in design as people need to know who you are and what you do. They need to be able to look at your work and know that it’s yours. From this, I’ve decided to be really selective about what I put on my website. Also, the general layout and appearance of the sight needs to compliment the work. It’s all about creating a brand around your name and I think once you realise that, it becomes easier to see yourself professionally.



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