Lizzy Stewart

Lizzy stewart is a London based illustrator that I discovered by chance on pinterest. Her illustrations are very lively and expressive and contain a certain amount of charm that keeps you captivated. I did some research into the types of works that this kind of illustration can lead to. Via her website I discovered that a few of the clients she has worked for include The Times, Analogue books, Random House and Red cap cards. Her illustrations can work as various formats. From posters to greeting cards and book jackets. I then tracked down an interview with Lizzy Stewart. One of the questions asked her how she goes about the process of designing, she said ‘I try not to build up to doing a drawing too much. It seems when I plan to work I find it almost impossible to get going but when I start a little doodle absent-mindedly it tends to grow and I get sucked into drawing for hours’. I found this very interesting, and not dis-similar to the way that I work. She goes on to talk about influences and ‘Carson Ellis’. This information leads me to Ellis’ website and I can really see a lot of similarities between their work. It’s so clear that her work has been a huge inspiration.



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