Tony Ross

Considering artists with similar processes to me, I was thinking about my main illustration influences. I grew up reading a of children’s books illustrated by Tony Ross. It’s only very recently that i’ve thought about how this might have rubbed off in my style.

His illustration style is predominately ink based line drawings with colour then added. This is the style that I have recently decided works best for me. With this in mind, It made me consider career paths and I really think I would like to go on to illustrate and write children’s books. It’s always been a huge passion of mine, I just never realised quite how much. I then went on to find out some more about Tony Ross. I couldn’t find as much information on him as I expected and he doesn’t even have a website but then I suppose he is not of the generation these days where everyone does. Most of his books are Amber brown books written by Danziger. I then did some research into who Paula Danziger is but only really found out that she wrote the books and had nothing to do with the illustration process. I found an interview with Ross about influences, he said that his main influences as a child were Rupert bear, Just William and Winnie the Pooh. He also says that he was strongly influenced by the illustrations of Tom Ungerer. I did some research into this and could really see similarities in style and content, similarly with mine and Ross’ work. He gave a bit of advice to aspiring illustrators and authors. He said ‘never give up’.





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