Peter Firmin

Peter Firmin worked alongside Oliver Postgate in creating various children’s classics including Noggin of the Nogs, The Clangers, Bagpus and Ivor the Engine. 

The Noggin of the Nog books are some of my favourite and most inspirational illustrations, so I decided it would be beneficial to find out some more about the man behind them. 

Peter Firmin trained at Colchester school of art. It was while he was teaching at the Central school of art that Oliver Postgate came looking for ‘someone to illustrate a television story – someone who was hard up and would do a lot of drawing for very little money’. That’s where it all begun. 

I then discovered that one of his daughters illustrated the No.1 ladies detective agency series book jackets. These are some of my favourite books so this was really interesting to discover, and lead me into doing some research on the next Firmin generation. I found Hannah Firmins website and have decided to email her and ask her some questions about herself and her fathers illustrations. This is really exciting for me as i’ve always been a huge fan and it would be really useful as an illustrator to hear what she has to say.


Peter Firmin.



Hannah Firmin 



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